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JMLred Basic

JMLred is a basic but very useful program that gives information of the quantity of money that the user will pay in his phone receipt, using a connection by means of a modem.As the connection to Internet when it is connected by Dial Up, it generates a significantly high phone expense (in some cases), this program will help him to lower its phone expense, because it will show him as much as money will pay in one month.The license of the program is free and you can make copies from the program to their friendships. The installation of the program is simple,only needs the route where it will install it.

Main features

1._It shows in the screen a small window that shows the cost in domestic currency that is generated in the precise instant of the connection. The window cannot be shown if you wants.

2._The program is executed automatically when beginning the system.

3._Easy configuration of phone rates, divided in normal rates (day), special (reduced) and of holidays;  as well as the costs for beginning of normal telephone call (BTCN) and special (BTCS).

4._It supports any rate system (per minute, per second, etc.).

5._The main window of the program shows detailed information of the monthly expense:  showing the day, the date, the duration and the cost of each connection. It also shows the total calculations that are:  number of connections, number of days, connected total time and total expense.

6._Easy access to the program in the taskbar of MS Windows through an icon.

7._Additional Buttons in the main window (C and D) that select
the name of the Dial Up to show and the selection of the day to show.

The program doesn't make calls to Internet and it doesn't use ports TCP (total security). The program only reads the state of the modem.

Version History

-It supports different names of Dial Up.
-New file log, without connection errors
-It shows and it calculates the connections per day
-It shows and it calculates the connections for name of Dial Up
-It supports system of multiple rate (selected seconds).
-New screen of configuration of prices
bugs fixed.
-GUI bugs fixed.
-Configuration screen  bugs fixed.
-The first version was released.


Principal screen
Fare configuration screen
Cost screen
Main screen
Configuration screen
View cost screen

System Requirements

A guide of use quick step to step in format pdf can be lowered here : HelpJmlred1003.pdf.
JMLred Basic version can descend here: Installjmlred1003i.exe and this has a size of 258928 bytes.  

I thank the use of the program and I hope it is useful. If you want to give me their complaints or suggestions for the program writes me to the email:, thank you.

Created by  Jose Maria Luna